Academic Programs - Diwakar Memorial Technical School
Diwakar Memorial Technical School

Acedemic Program

Affiliation from CTEVT

Diwakar Memorial Technical School is located in Madi of Chitwan district. With affiliation from CTEVT, Diwakar Memorial School is offering Diploma in Civil Engineering and Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Science).

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Diploma in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the prominent and popular disciplines within engineering. Many people in the developed countries, developing countries and under developed countries have given emphasis for the broader application of Civil Engineering. This curriculum has following objectives to:


Mission is to produce sufficient number of middle level technical manpower in the field of Livestock Managementand Animal Health to meet the national requirements and the demand of foreign employment sector. The specific objectives are:

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Diploma in PHARMACY

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has been contributing towards the development of different middle level of health human resource. In this connection, CTEVT is producing Diploma in Pharmacy professional - as middle level pharmaceutical service providers.